Born in 1996, Lunar Gala is an annual student-run fashion show that displays student artistry in producing, modeling, designing, and dancing. The show originated with the Taiwanese Student Association’s Lunar New Year celebration, inspired by the tradition of wearing new clothes during the New Year. Lunar Gala has evolved over the years to become the largest fashion event in Pittsburgh, providing a platform to display innovation and unprecedented fashion.

Lunar Gala gathers students of all disciplines and cultures to celebrate their love of fashion by creating integrative, wearable fashion that leaves audiences breathless. Their daring lines embody risk and free emotion, using unconventional materials ranging from mood sensing computer chips, glow-in-the-dark resin, and sheet metal. Society’s most pressing current events, cultural values, and technology are brought to life within Lunar Gala, effectively curating an experience that prevails beyond the night of the show.

Lunar Gala thrives on sustainability and community engagement. Within CMU, Lunar Gala offers a space for students from different backgrounds to come together and exercise creative freedom and innovation. In addition to the unique blend of student talent involved, the organization also attracts like-minded individuals from outside of CMU interested in emerging fashion and technology. This year, we will be continuing our collaboration with Style412 to help promote the fashion scene in Pittsburgh. At its heart, Lunar Gala works both internally and externally to bring both CMU and the greater Pittsburgh community together to celebrate their love of fashion.

Despite the new directions taken as the production evolves, Lunar Gala never loses sight of its foundational values, consistently reflecting about the past to innovate for the future.

Producers —
Jessica Timczyk
Dani Delgado

Head of Model —
Pauline Qin

Head of Design —
Vincent DeRienzo

Co-Heads of Creative —
Sebastian Carpenter
Mimi Jiao

Head of PR —
Aris Kim

Head of Production —
Gabe Marchant

Head of Entertainment —
Yu Xi Lee